Language Learning Tip #27

One of the best general language learning sites on the internet is done by Steve Kaufman.

He also has a YouTube channel with lots of helpful advice.

When it comes to videos and sites that claim to help you learn a foreign language, there is a lot of junk and hype out there. […]

Language Learning Tip #07


“I find myself hesitating when I speak because I am second-guessing myself and correcting myself.”


You are most likely someone who uses their “monitor” too much.


The Monitor Hypothesis is the idea that many people who try to learn a second language as an adult have constructed a sort of mental computer […]

Language Learning Tip #06

Problem (continued, part 3)

I guess I’m not much of a visual learner, because I’m still having trouble remembering these words.



Remember, the principle is that every experience we have is accompanied with sensory stimuli. And, we can retain a language experience, such as the experience of hearing a word, by associating it […]

Language Learning Tip #05

Problem (continued, part 2)

I guess I’m not much of a visual learner, because I’m still having trouble remembering these words.

Continuing on the theme of using the visual sense to create stronger memory connections.

It is preferable to learn Arabic words without going through your native language, that is, without translating. It is not […]

Language Learning Tip #04


I STILL can’t remember my vocabulary words.



Different strategies and tricks work for different people, and not everyone has a great memory for everything. But the good news is that memory skills can be improved with practice. The important thing is to keep working at it.


Memory is about […]

Language Learning Tip #03

Problem (and it’s a big one!)

“I can’t remember my vocabulary words.”



There is more and more study being done in cognitive science and memory these days. One of the things that is being learned about is the role of emotions and chemicals like adrenaline to deeply etch memories into the brain. […]

Language Learning Tip #02


I like to do things on the internet. Is there anything useful out there?



Nothing you can find on the internet is as good as face to face interaction with native speakers, so don’t neglect getting out. However, you can supplement your program with some useful internet tools if you have time. […]

Language Learning Tip #01


“I bought Rosetta Stone, this great program for learning Arabic on my computer, but now I realize that it is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and It can’t help me with the Gulf dialect.”


For those who don’t know. Rosetta Stone is a very good program which helps you to learn […]

Language Learning Tip #26


“There are so many vocabulary issues to think about. How can I have a balanced approach?”


Maybe this triangle image can help you to visualize and think about what vocabulary learning means.

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

There really are a lot of vocabulary issues. For example, there are […]

Language Learning Tip #25

(Continued from Tip #24)


“I’m trying the boxes and vocab cards but I have a few questions.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I keep forgetting so many words each time that my first stack is more that 20 cards?

A: Do just 20 cards and do not add more […]