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The Gulf Arabic Program offers students a comprehensive foundation in Gulf Arabic by experienced and caring Gulf Arab teachers. Our fully-online program utilizes a breadth of resources to provide you with the best possible Gulf Arabic learning experience from the comfort of your own home.

Study from Home

Study Arabic from the comfort of your home with our fully-online program. Join a community of language learners in our group classes, interact one-on-one with Gulf Arab teachers via Zoom in private lessons, and engage with interactive modules in our online learning platform.

Excellent Curriculum

Our full-time program skillfully advances students’ spoken Gulf Arabic dialect alongside the formal, written Modern Standard Arabic. Developed over the course of 15 years by Arabic linguists working in conjunction with native speakers, our Gulf Arabic program is one of the best at equipping students to interact with Gulf Arabs and to thrive within the Gulf.

Native Speakers

All of GAP’s teachers are Gulf Arabs who have a passion for their students to develop native-like pronunciation and expression. Their years of combined teaching experience make them experts in helping students discover keys to culturally-appropriate communication with Gulf Arabs. If you want to communicate like a native, enroll today!

Full Time Arabic Course

GAP’s two-year, full-time online program is designed to take complete beginners in the Arabic language and transform them into competent communicators who can live, work, and build relationships within an Arabic context. (We can also receive, and appropriately place, those who have previously studied Arabic.) Our online program is based on a flipped learning model to optimize the quality of your class-time hours with our instructors. In addition to live class with the teacher and your peers, you will utilize an online learning platform, Moodle, to work through pre-recorded modules between classes.

Summer Intensive Program

Each July we offer a four-week intensive program in spoken Gulf Arabic. This program is ideal for beginners who want a jumpstart in the language, those with previous exposure to Arabic who want to focus on improving their spoken Gulf Arabic in a condensed period of time, and advanced Gulf Arabic learners who desire to grow in their colloquial communication skills. Private summer classes may also be offered, according to demand.

Flexible Programs

Though our two-year full-time program is the best way to learn, we recognize this may not work for everyone and we strive to accommodate those who require more flexibility. Enrollments may be taken on a semester-by-semester basis, and private classes are offered throughout the year to individuals and groups. Prices will vary depending on the group size and number of lessons. Talk to us to find out more.

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