Our Program

GAP’s two-year, full-time online program is designed to take complete beginners in the Arabic language and transform them into competent communicators who can live, work, and build relationships within an Arabic context. (We can also receive, and appropriately place, those who have previously studied Arabic.) GAP skillfully develops students’ spoken Gulf Arabic dialect alongside the formal, written Modern Standard Arabic. Our program was first developed over 20 years ago by Arabic linguists working in conjunction with native speakers and we have continued to improve and evolve into the program we are today.

GAP primarily uses a “flipped learning” model. This means that instead of doing homework after the class based on that day’s lesson, students complete homework BEFORE the class in order to prepare for their lesson. The flipped model provides greater flexibility for students to work through pre-assigned material at their own pace, while optimizing the quality of live class-time hours with instructors.

For our Core Dialect classes, the main teaching points for each lesson are studied independently by the student on our Moodle Learning platform before class, using a variety of videos and practice exercises. In class, the teacher is able to spend less time presenting the material, and more time helping students use it. You can expect to spend between 1.5-2 hours preparing for each one-hour Core Dialect class with your teacher.

Sample of a grammar explanation on Moodle

Sample of a conversation on Moodle