Language Learning Tip #27

One of the best general language learning sites on the internet is done by Steve Kaufman.

He also has a YouTube channel with lots of helpful advice.

When it comes to videos and sites that claim to help you learn a foreign language, there is a lot of junk and hype out there. The strength of Kaufman’s approach is that it is informed by linguistic study as well as practical experience. So many other web sites are done by language enthusiasts, but their views are often not backed up with a knowledge of Applied Linguistics. I (Tim Peverill – Curriculum Director at GAP) have watched and read enough of Steve Kaufman to heartily recommend his advice on language learning.

Here’s an example of sound advice on active and passive vocabulary from his video channel.

And a good video about corrections.

Finally, for additional language learning videos, please visit the Gulf Arabic Programme channel!

Language Learning Tip #02


I like to do things on the internet. Is there anything useful out there?



Nothing you can find on the internet is as good as face to face interaction with native speakers, so don’t neglect getting out. However, you can supplement your program with some useful internet tools if you have time. If you want to balance out your Arabic diet, each of these web sites brings different tastes and nutrients to your meal.


Check out these sites sometime: — A basic alphabet course with free app available — Lots of helpful lessons for beginners presented in a Khan Academy style — great resource for input and practice; leveled audio and reading practice as well as some dialect recordings — vocabulary with sound — university site with quizes, drills, etc, (Al Kitaab mostly) Click on Students in the left sidebar — the Arabic news in simplified form; good for listening and vocabulary acquisition  — vocabulary drilling program (free version and deluxe version) — another free vocabulary program based on the graduated time recall principle — Anki is yet another free vocabulary program. This is a user wiki-type program with advanced features and many of the GAP School’s materials have been added by students. You can download the program or use it online. — pricey, but a good investment; try it out for free — a page with lots of useful links and some not so useful  — online community with Arabic courses and resources — another online community with free lessons — excellent online course from the EU, standard Arabic — Standard Arabic. You can listen to many of their lessons for free, but the premium package costs from about $4.00 – $10.00 a month — ArabicPod101 on YouTube. — a helpful blog that has been discontinued but still fun to read — Hundreds of popular free video lessons from a lively lady teacher in Italy — Not sure how much Arabic you can actually learn here but it’s one of the few sites with Gulf dialect — Arabian Sindbad is a package for teaching children Arabic featuring cartoon videos and songs. You can get the deluxe package for about $130 but just the DVDs for less. Beginner adults who watch with their children will also learn quite a bit — Arabian Sindbad YouTube channel with free videos — Another way to watch Arabian Sindbad with English and Arabic subtitles — Very good site for Arabic reading practice for all levels (after alphabet is learned). Includes exercises & quizzes. Works best with Firefox 3 or higher or Explorer 6 or higher (Windows). — Access to the old (1969) FSI (Foreign Service Institute) materials and some of the associated audio