Summer Intensive Programme is HOT

  • Have you always wanted to learn to speak Arabic?
  • Has work, school and family interfered with your desire to study Arabic?
  • Is your schedule packed with this and that and everything else you can imagine?
  • Do you want to get away from the mundane life of the big city for the summer?

Then we have the solution!

The weather has already turned warm and summer is quickly approaching. The summer is a time when many of people are planning vacations, travel and other options as a means to pass through the hottest part of the year in as much comfort as possible. The summer can also quickly become crowded with obligations and commitments, just as the rest of the year does. Now is the best time to consider seizing the opportunity to expand your horizons and begin to learn to speak Arabic.

The Gulf Arabic Programme is proud to once again offer our Summer Intensive Programme in spoken, colloquial Gulf Arabic. It offers busy professionals, students and others the opportunity to experience and learn this wonderful language in an intensive and immersion environment. Classes are forming now for this 4-week, daily course designed to help you get up to speed with basic conversational Arabic.

This is a proven programme for helping people learn the basics of the language and how to ask the questions they need to continue to learn. It provides a firm foundation for further study as well as a great way to begin to bridge language and cultural gaps. It can open doors, provide insight and help explain the culture of the Arabian Gulf.

The content is focused on communicative, colloquial, spoken Gulf Arabic and is designed for almost beginners. Please note:

We require that students be able to read, write, pronounce and recognize the characters of the Arabic script before they arrive. We have placed this requirement on applicants because it is possible for students to acquire this familiarity at home using one of the many ‘Teach Yourself’ courses and it allows us to move straight into teaching the language. To help students see if they are sufficiently competent in the script to benefit from the course we have devised a self-assessment.

If you are at all interested, please fill out our application and begin to explore all that Arabic has to offer.

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