We do not provide dormitories or any other form of student housing, however we do assist students by meeting them on arrival in Al Buraimi and taking them to an appropriate hotel. We recommend the hotel flats situated in Al Buraimi as these are located close to cafes and restaurants where local people congregate and are also well priced. If you need us to meet you on arrival, please let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements to be available.

There are three main options for housing: private rental; furnished hotel flats and standard hotels. Private rental is generally the best option for those staying for longer than a few months. Both flats and villas are available for rent though the market tends to be rather volatile and a high level of turnover exists.

For those only studying for up to three months, the best option would be furnished hotel flats in Al Buraimi with prices starting from AED 150 (approximately US$41) to AED 200 (approx. US$55) a day or AED 6000 (approx. US$1640) for one month. This only includes a room and bathroom and is two-star in quality. These are just estimates. Actual prices vary depending on how long you stay and whether it is the high or low season.

For more money you can get two bedrooms, a sitting room, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

There are also a number of hotels in the area offering all the comforts one would expect.

  • The Salam Hotel is a nice three-star hotel in Al Buraimi and is near the Al Ain/Al Buraimi border. Their rate is as low as AED 170 (approx. US$46) per day, but it can be higher for shorter stays or during the high season. You can get rooms with sitting rooms or more bedrooms for more money. Rooms at all of these rates do not include kitchens.
  • The Al Buraimi Hotel is a four-star hotel with higher prices (AED 250-400) and has a simple swimming pool and tennis court. They also rent chalets. All prices listed are just estimates and actual prices vary depending on how long you stay and whether it is the high or low season.

If you are staying for any length of time in the area then it is wise to rent privately. Flats and villas, both furnish and unfurnished can be rented in Al Buraimi.