Basic Information

two students sitting in classThe full-time program is designed to take in students who know nothing of the Arabic language and equip them to become competent communicators able to live, work and build relationships within the medium of the Arabic language. We can also receive those who have previously studied Arabic, please contact us for more details.

The full course consists of four eighteen-week modules over a period of at least two years. Classes are held five days a week, (Sunday to Thursday) with approximately 4 hours of class time each morning, making a course module of 330 hours.

In addition to the class time, students are also expected to spend time divided between ‘community learning’ (spending time with local people) and private study (practicing and preparing for classes), averaging four hours a day. The proportion of community learning will increase as the course progresses. This is a holistic language program, not merely an institute as one cannot learn Arabic well solely in the classroom.

A student who has completed the full course can be proficient to the Advanced Level (ACTFL) in the four language skills of:


  • Discuss topics of current and personal interest
  • Handle most situations of daily life
  • Narrate and describe in smooth discourse
  • Make factual comparisons
  • Handle arrangements regarding study and travel, involving minor complications, e.g. losing documents, missing an appointment etc.


  • Understand topics of current and personal interest when talking face to face
  • Understand everyday topics, well-known current events, routine matters etc.
  • When listening to a conversation between two native speakers will often be able to follow the dialogue


  • Read multi-paragraph materials of a factual nature
  • Read articles from popular newspapers on familiar subjects


  • Correspond with Arabic speaking friends
  • Join sentences in simple discourse of at least several paragraphs on familiar topics
  • Write narratives and descriptions of a factual nature

In addition the student who has successfully completed the course will be able to continually learn in all these areas through normal usage.