Classes will run from 08:00 [8:00 am] until 13:35 [1:35 pm] each day, Sunday through Thursday.

The daily class schedule will look like:

0800-0855 First Class
0905-1000 Second Class
1010-1105 Third Class
1105-1135 Lunch Break
1135-1230 Fourth Class
1240-1335 Fifth Class

However, once the day’s classes are over the learning continues!! Students will then need to spend 4 hours a day divided between ‘community learning’ (spending time with local people) and private study (practising and preparing for classes). This is a programme not merely an institute and one cannot learn Arabic solely in the classroom.

A typical day for a student might then look like this:

0800-1335 Class time
1500-1700 Rest
1700-1900 Homework and preparation for the next day
1900-2130 Visit friends, neighbours etc

By the end of the course it is expected that students will be at Novice High level on the ACTFL scale, i.e. be able to give and receive directions; use verbs in the past and (to some extent) the present and engage in very basic conversations in a few topics.