Course Costs

Course Costs

The total cost for the Summer Intensive Programme is 500 OMR (4,750 AED) including all materials used in the class.

Related Costs

It is advisable that students allow 1 OMR per day for travel to and from the institute via taxi.

Students wishing to stay in a hotel apartment will need to allow 20-30 OMR per day.

Meals will vary according to taste and preparation. Most restaurants will run about 3 OMR for a full meal, while quick stuff from the market or a cafe will be a bit less. More formal restaurants will cost more (>4 OMR) per person.


Payment for course fees is due in full the first week of class. Students have five (5) days (from the first day of class) during which they can opt to leave the class and receive a prorated refund. After that period no refunds will be given to those who leave the class for part or all of the course.

Please Note: A student leaving a class and wishing to ‘use the remainder of their funds‘ for private classes is still considered a refund (i.e. you cannot decide to do this after the first week). If you know that you are going to miss classes or only study for part of the course, please let us know before class begins so that we can work with you on arrangements.