Summer Intensive Program

Sharpen Your Skills

The 2023 Summer Intensive Program dates are July 3rd – July 30th. This is a fully online program that incorporates live class time with self-study at home via Moodle modules and other resources. Our summer program has proven popular, both with first-time Arabic learners and those who are working full-time in the region and prefer the condensed learning experience an intensive program provides.

The program is divided into 4 classes, or levels, of students. Class One & Class Two will run 5 days a week (Sunday-Thursday) and students have the option to choose between the full-time or part-time track. Class Three & Class Four will meet 4 days a week (Monday – Thursday) and include three 55-minute live lessons per day.

Beginners Course (Class One) & Class Two

Class One is for ‘almost’ beginners. Students are required to read, write, pronounce and recognize the characters of the Arabic script before the intensive begins. This allows us to move straight into teaching the spoken Gulf dialect. Don’t know the Arabic alphabet yet? No worries! We will give you access to our online Moodle module for alphabet learning that you can work through before class begins in July. By the end of the course, students should be able to give and receive directions, use simple verbs in the past and present tense and engage in very basic conversations in a few topics in the Gulf Arabic dialect.

Class Two covers material contained in GAP’s spoken dialect books and is aimed at increasing the conversational accuracy and breadth of the speaker.

Students in both Class One and Class Two must choose a track of study for the summer program. Please note that each class is 55 minutes.

Track 1: Full-Time
Sunday – Thursday; 2 grammar classes and 1 fluency class per day
Each hour of grammar class requires 2 hours of prep work using our Moodle modules, so this schedule looks like 3 hours of live class time and 4 hours of Moodle prep each day = 7-8 hours of Arabic study per day

Track 2: Part-Time
Sunday – Thursday; 1 grammar class and 1 fluency class per day
Each hour of grammar class requires 2 hours of Moodle prep, so this schedule looks like 2 hours of live class time and 2 hours of Moodle prep each day = 4-5 hours of Arabic study per day

Our Moodle modules are centered around grammar study. The Moodle prep work that must be completed each day incorporates prerecorded lessons, interactive activities, and assessments. New grammar concepts will first be introduced to you in Moodle, then the live grammar classes will be a time for review, clarification, and teacher-facilitated practice with peers.

Class Three & Class Four

Monday – Thursday; Three 55-minute lessons per day = 12 hours of live class time each week

The content of these classes varies depending on the aptitude and interest of the students involved. As new material has been developed, graduates of the full-time two-year program will not repeat previously covered material. Possible options for study include local Folk Stories, Debate, Arabic in News Media, Cartoons, Comedians and Political Satire, Arabic Television, Family Problems, Money Issues, Role-Playing, Colloquial Stories, Social Media, Advanced Conversations, Omani Conversations, Community Issues, Instagram Topics, Colloquial Sayings and Responses, Topical Discussions II, Cooking Demonstrations, TV Comedy, Pronunciation and Grammar Review. The focus is always heavily on developing fluency of expression across a broad spectrum of topics.

Other Group Classes and Private Lessons

Depending on demand and teacher availability, tailor-made group classes or private lessons may be offered, including the study of Modern Standard Arabic. Please contact us so we can work out a program that is just right for you.

2023 Summer Intensive Program Pricing (USD)

Price information is TBA


Reserve Your Seat

Reserve your spot for the upcoming Summer Intensive with a deposit equal to 25% of the course fees. This is fully refundable until one month prior to the first day of classes. Full payment is required 10 days prior to the first day of classes to hold your spot. If you choose to withdraw your registration after the full payment is due and before to the end of the first week of classes, you will be refunded half of the total fees. 

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