Summer Intensive Programme

Sharpen Your Skills

During the Summer Intensive Programme, classes run 5 days a week from 8am until 1:35pm. Students are expected to spend extra time outside of the classroom practising and preparing for classes, as well as spending time interacting with local people. The Summer Intensive Programme has proven popular both with first-time Arabic learners, and those who are working full-time in the region and return multiple summers to complete the programme over a longer period.

Beginners Course (Class One)

This course is for ‘almost’ beginners. Students are required to read, write, pronounce and recognize the characters of the Arabic script before they arrive. This allows us to move straight into teaching the spoken Gulf dialect. You will find many online tools and ‘Teach Yourself Arabic’ courses that will enable you to gain familiarity with the Arabic characters. Check your competency in the Arabic script by using this self assessment.

By the end of the course students should be able to give and receive directions, use simple verbs in the past and present tense and engage in very basic conversations in a few topics in the Gulf Arabic dialect.

Classes Two & Three

These classes cover the material contained in GAP’s spoken dialect books, Gazelle Book 2 and Falcon Book 3, and are aimed at increasing the conversational accuracy and breadth of the speaker. It is important to note that, unlike our full-time semester programs, MSA is not covered in our Summer Intensive Classes.

Advanced Colloquial Study Options

The content of our Advanced Summer School Class varies depending on the aptitude and interest of the students involved. As new material has been developed, graduates of the full-time two-year program will not repeat previously covered material. Possible options for study include local Folk Stories, Debate, Arabic in News Media, Cartoons, Comedians and Political Satire, Arabic Television, Family Problems, Money Issues, Role-Playing, Colloquial Stories, Social Media, Advanced Conversations, Omani Conversations, Community Issues, Instagram Topics, Colloquial Sayings and Responses, Topical Discussions II, Cooking Demonstrations, TV Comedy, Pronunciation and Grammar Review. The focus is always heavily on developing fluency of expression across a broad spectrum of topics.

Other Group Classes and Private Lessons

Depending on demand and teacher availability, tailor-made group classes or private lessons may be offered, including the study of Modern Standard Arabic. Please contact us so we can work out a programme that is just right for you.